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Freitag, 23. März 2012

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Currently, the video is no stranger to everyone on the internet. Almost everyone today has used video to create a sales letter for the product even they did not write any more tired with panajng wide, but live talk / video created Sales Letter. In addition it is also very good Video used to review the products in for free and can also be used to make self-branding. Video tutorial can be used to make a video tutorial like microsoft office word, excel and power point.

By giving us a product review Videos on youtube automatically guaranteed to increase traffic and sales will be more and more. Youtube now is Search Engine No 2 after Google. Create a product using the video will shorten the time in the manufacture of products compared with Ebook and will very easily and quickly understood by the purchaser of the product.

How to make a video tutorial is actually quite easy because of many sites that provide video tutorial makers whether paid or free, Okey … now I am going to discuss about free software tutorial video maker:

1. Use Camtasia Studio to use this video as easy to use but also very good results.

2. Click the application Camtasia Studio 7, then we will be presented with 4 menu;

Record the screen serves as a record of activities in the computer. Narration voice-record function as voice recording.Record power point serves as a record computer activity, using the application Microsoft on power point. Import media function as menginpor media / media took this video and then shooting the media will be edited according to user needs.

3. Once we know the basic functions of 4menu, I will explain how to record the activity dikomputer., Then click “record the screen”. drag the area to be our record, then press the red button with the name “rec”

4. Then record any activity occurred as desired user,

5. To stop recording the activity, press F10 to pause press F9.

6. Then click save and edit and rename it “contoh1.camrec”.

7. Then we will be presented to the menu “Editing Dimensions” set the dimensions you like. then click “ok”. (make sure you record the video contained in the timeline).

8. Click the “Produce and share”, “on the show me to my video -> choose” costum production settings “, click next.

9. Then you are required to choose the video format, I recommend the video format WMV-shaped window media video, because this format is supported in Windows, without installing the application lainnya.bila is click next.

12. video size, adjust the width and height to your taste, then just click next.

13. video option, then click the next course.

14. Maker options, just click next.

15. Product video, fill in the production name “contohlatihan”, then click finish.

16. wait for the results of his convert to 100%, then making a tutorial to be completed and click Finish.

One of the greatest instant video disputes an internet site owner faces is sufficiently offending a visitor’s concern so that he or she arrests on the internet site. Without an actual care grabber (and holder), it is belike that individual wish accept a quick glint and click on to a challenger, particularly if the final buy conclusion is close.

Color, face and visuals accustomed create an internet site distinctive merely they are no longest plenty to addition time exhausted on a webpage. These days you have to accept audio (at the very least), and that is quick comprising arrogated by instant video. One could most say that flowing video files are comely the cost of entering in conditions of attracting longest visits per page. People react to these talking depictions on a lot of charges. First off, it is just intrinsically more concerning and assimilating to look and hear at the same time. Addition the inclusion of actual people likewise adds up believability instant video. Expected guests convert more easier with the reassurance that amounts from ascertaining a estimable human being abiding slow the production, be it Almighty, owner or a user tribute. In sum, internet site visitors comparable it when they recognize whom they are dealing with instant video. And, with so a lot of companies, storages and web vendors to decide from, that believability is barred comely an appraising component in the buy conclusion.

Additionally, these expected buyers are looking for buy from the most beneficial and there is no more beneficial way to demonstrate yourself because the good in an especial airfield than along putting yourself away there to be ascertained and discovered. This is particularly true whenever the commercialized you contend in has parity pricing and profits. The problems affiliated with adjudicating to comprise flowing video on an internet site are that the broadcasts or services incline to constitute costly and blurring or hard to apply instant video. Some even out have frequency fees instant video that can actually create the price skyrocket.

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